Saturday, December 31, 2016

Year end post

2016 is to an end. Like every other years, it was a good one. And like every other years, time flew this year too. 

With the upcoming new year, there is a plan to do a lot of things. And lot of stuff has piled over too, from the previous years. I hope to finish at least a couple of them if not all.

I turned 32 this year. It feels good, this 30's phase of life - at least so far. Maybe because the inner child is still a child and isn't growing old with time. Perhaps yes.

As I publish this post, it is just a couple of hours to enter 2017. A fresh new calendar, a brand new notebook to start with. Something we always look forward for. :)

I'm ending this post with a song from The Decemberists. I discovered their music later this year and their work is now part of my active playlist. The song below introduced me to this awesome band, and I was genuinely impressed with this composition.