Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cross-post from 500px #9 | The Rosary Church of Shettihalli

I bumped across this place in Google Maps somehow and we decided to visit Shettihalli Church last weekend. Close to 240 kilometers from Bangalore, here's the location of the Church pinned on the map.

The Rosary Church was built sometime during the 1860s and  was later abandoned due to the construction of Gorur Dam nearby.

Crumbling walls that remain to stand testify that the building was once a Church. Those smitten by love, romance and narcissism have visited the site and etched their names on the walls of the Church. Campers seem to visit often. The place must have a very distinctive charm at night. The Bollywood within me tells that this is a perfect Ramsay set.
Ruins of the Shettihalli Church by Vivek Pandey on

The place isn't one bit touristy. However it is the nothingness of the place that will possibly make you like it. We reached the ruins by 8:30 in the morning and were the only visitors there. A farmer, working in an adjacent field completely ignored our presence. Quite possible that he assumed us to be some ghosts that he often saw loitering around the ruins.

There is Hemavathi flowing a few meters away. Each year  during the monsoons, it engulfs most of the Church within its waters. So much, that you can reach the the site by a coracle. It would be interesting sight during a good rainy season.

Ruins of the Shettihalli Church by Vivek Pandey on
And yes, there's an attention seeking chameleon that guards these mystical ruins.
Guardian of the ruins by Vivek Pandey on