Sunday, April 03, 2016

Cross-post from 500px #8 | Turkey

I may seem very 'facebookish' here, but we found Turkey an awesome tourist destination - especially for an Indian traveler. There are very few countries where you are referred to as Shah Rukh Khan by the street vendors - one of them is indeed Turkey. There's a lot to see, the food is good and the people are extremely friendly. 

It has been about two weeks after our return from this wonderful country, and my dreams are still influenced with the places we covered. This has never happened before with any other place that I have been to. We stayed in three different cities and found them to be completely different from each other. The place does have a lot to offer for each age group.

Here are some photos, cross-posted from 500px.

Constantinople by Vivek Pandey on

The Sultanahmet Mosque by Vivek Pandey on

Crowd by Vivek Pandey on

Streets of Istanbul by Vivek Pandey on

Fairy Chimneys by Vivek Pandey on

Goreme by Vivek Pandey on

Sunset by Vivek Pandey on

Ephesus by Vivek Pandey on

The Cat of Ephesus by Vivek Pandey on