Sunday, January 24, 2016

Year end Post | Catch-up | Cross-post from 500px #7

The previous year was fast and busy. So busy that the leisure time was spent in just sitting and relaxing - and not doing stuff that I wanted to do in leisure. And hence this post after such a long time. 

2015 ended for me just a few days back. There were plenty of photos to process clicked last year. 23 days past the beginning of the new year, and I am yet to fully catch-up on 2016.

This year will remain to be no different from the previous one. There is enough stuff to be kept ourselves busy with. And as like always, I'll hope to post more often.
Meanwhile, here's a cross-post from 500px - some snaps clicked after the last post in 2015.

The Hill Dog at Coonoor, India by Vivek Pandey on

The Indian Eagle Owl by Vivek Pandey on

Incarcerated by Vivek Pandey on

Solitude by Vivek Pandey on

Snack Vendor by Vivek Pandey on

White Desert by Vivek Pandey on

Beach Silhoutte by Vivek Pandey on

Traffic-less by Vivek Pandey on