Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year end Post - 2014

From tomorrow, 2014 will become past. We'll flip/change our calendars (if we still use the paper ones) and then look forward for the new year. Exactly how we did an year back. Very routine. But for Shyamakshi and me - 2014 was a roller coaster ride. Ups, downs, ups-and-downs, bumps, dives, swings, loops - it had all the elements that you might expect in a high-thrill ride.

I turned 30 this year. Became a father. Lost a little more hair. Had a few good vacations. Added a few more inches to the belly. There's quite a nice summary of my entire year captured through '1 Second Everyday'. Looks like I would continue with it in the next year too.

I switched across 4 different smartphones in 2014, finally settling to one Sony Xperia Z2. And a few days back, Shyamakshi gifted me a Gear Fit that can sync with my phone. In my wishlist, I need a better alternative to the current Nexus 7, and a new lens for my camera that I've been eyeing on since a few months. The next year will definitely have a few new arrivals.

Samples of the North Korean Won (authenticity questionable)
2014 was also an year of my fixation with North Korea and its Eternal President, Eternal Leader and the Supreme Leader.

I read a couple of books, followed Rodong Sinmun almost daily and spent a lot of time on the Internet - laying my hands and eyes on whatever I could get.

With the obsession becoming stronger, I bought some DPRK currency notes as collectibles via eBay. For the benefit of the uninitiated, I even half-drafted a 'DPRK 101' post, but discarded it mid-way.

Visiting Pyongyang would be surely interesting, but unfortunately Shyamakshi has declined the offer upfront. :)

Yes, on the 'Year of living without' thing - I managed to survive without sugar to some extent this month. It was the best I could do. Here's the snapshot of the entire year:

Laundry services
Junk Food
Gmail/Twitter/Any other social network for personal use
Hot Water
Credit/Debit Cards/Electronic money
Keep this month as a buffer - in case any previous month without 'x'  fails.
Keep this month as a buffer - in case any previous month without 'x'  fails.
Tried living without sugar – Partially Successful

It is not an easy task to live without such small things in life. And probably that is why all of us are still clinging to this world. Things give us momentary happiness, and there are too many of them. The purpose of using them are so much interlinked that if you avoid one by your own will power, several other obligations might just force you to re-think.

In this 'year-of-living-without', success was always secondary to me - the practice has helped me to achieve mindfulness to a certain extent. Without it, I would have probably been lost in the daily trivial battles of life - just like everyone else.

I've not been able to decide on a project for the coming year.  Perhaps I would just try to finish the pending ones. One of them is this herculean effort required to scan and catalog my old diaries (circa 2002-2010). Their pages are turning yellow and the ink is getting smudged at a few places. These diaries are not a fantastic piece of literature, but I do not want to lose ~9 years of my patience.

Maybe when I turn 60, I might want to post them here on this blog. Or I might just compile an ebook out of those scans and publish it here - as it is. Let us see if the digitization of those diaries can be done by next December.

All the best!