Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Month #9 and #10 of Living Without | Electronic money and Sugar

Note: This post is a follow up of my earlier post which talks about 2014 as an 'Year of Living Without'. 

A very very delayed update. So much that it leaves no point in posting about the past two months. But then, we have this year as the 'year-of-living-without'. So let us go ahead and post how these two months turned out.

Like a previous few, both these months didn't go as planned. September was about using only cash for all transactions. It went fine for a couple of days - but all the cash that I stashed for the month got spent away too quickly. A couple of trips to the ATMs was all that I needed to break from the abstinence. It is difficult to survive without electronic/plastic money - at-least with the lifestyle we're into these days.  I started handling money when the use of ATMs was already rampant, so never had the habit of having more than sufficient cash with me at a given point of time.

We traveled to Gujarat and West Bengal in October. I decided not to abstain from sugar. It is a sin to avoid Rasgulla, Mishti Dahi and the innumerable varieties of Sandesh when you're in Kolkata. Plus, it was Diwali. So festival की आड़ में खूब चाट-पकौड़ी और मिठाई ठूँसी गयी। 

Looking at how the time flew away this year and with only two months left, I don't think I'll be able to re-execute the other 'failed' months, but I would definitely give up sugar for the entire month in December. इतना तो ज़रूर बनता है।