Saturday, May 31, 2014

Month #4 of Living Without | Elevators and Escalators

Note: This post is a follow up of my earlier post which talks about 2014 as an 'Year of Living Without'. 

In the month of April I made minimal use of elevators (and escalators wherever applicable). It was supposed to be a month of living without them - but somehow I couldn't. And hence, 'minimal'. 

Osho once said that a Rolls Royce is perfect for meditation. You cannot be meditative on a bullock cart. I guess the same idea applies here. When it takes close to 90 minutes to cover a distance of 23 kilometers, and you reach work in sweltering heat - the idea of climbing the stairs to reach the workplace is like going to a battle. Even if you work on the second floor.  It is not physical exhaustion that stops you. It is the mind that needs rest. It is the software that needs a reboot.

So this 'using-the-staircase' thing during April was not exactly a feel good experience - but the thought of getting a little exercise and reducing the personal carbon footprint was quite motivating. Maybe it would be good to make this routine.

May is about not having Junk food. It should be easy. Unless the plump samosas at work lure us. Lets see, lets wait.