Monday, March 31, 2014

Month #3 of Living Without | Laundry services | 100th post

Note: This post is a follow up of my earlier post which talks about 2014 as an 'Year of Living Without'. 

Finally March ended. Time simply flew off.  The third month of this year was about doing all my laundry on own - which didn't go as expected.

Things changed during the last week, which was quite eventful. In parallel, we had a new arrival in the family - a baby boy. And with such developments on personal front, I cut myself some slack and dropped the idea of washing and ironing clothes on own. Some of my clothes needing attention were dumped into the washing machine - and then there was no looking back again.

Perhaps I will  re-schedule this 'month' later this year one more time.

The next month is to live without staircases and escalators. Lets hope that I don't come up with any creative excuses and leave the practice halfway again.  Let April help burning some extra calories.


With this update, the blog completes its 100th post. It took about 9 years, plus a few months and quite some rant to reach this mark. I would call this a personal achievement. Considering myself and the way I switch from one interest to the other - maintaining a personal blog is something that I have been consistent on for quite some time, although not on a very regular basis.

My blog does contribute to the Internet but this content does not add value of any sort. If you are reading this - I would thank you kindheartedly for sparing some time over my rants. Your visits make me feel quite humbled.

I am not sure what are my plans for this blog in the coming years. I'll continue to keep posting. I cannot promise anything on the frequency of posts. All I can promise is to keep this blog updated while I'm alive.

The idea is to let 'vivekreallyblogs' live up-to its name.