Saturday, March 01, 2014

Month #2 of Living Without | Smartphones and Tablets

Note: This post is a follow up of my earlier post which talks about 2014 as an 'Year of Living Without'. 

In olden days, this post would have resulted in endless crumpled balls of paper lying around. Thankfully, we don't draft blog posts on actual paper. There's a backspace and a delete key - and on an average they get hit the most by our smart fingers. It saves trees, probably. Perhaps, a few tigers too.

The Fly B700 handset that I managed to use.
Hardware courtesy - Jagadish
So, I lived without a smartphone. And a tablet too. I used a dumb phone for 28 days - a Fly B700. And I found it quite inconvenient. Maybe I can never downgrade to a non-smart phone.

Talking about how rigidly I followed this month - I must confess that I did use Shyamakshi's phone once to place a work related call. The device that I used could not be easily toggled between mute and unmute. Also, her iPad had a great new Piano app that lured me couple of times. But apart from these sporadic events - I stuck to the dumb phone.

When wise people talk about humans inventing technology, and in turn the technology ruling their minds - I would say that it is just another poetic-philosophical statement that is churned out for the sake of creating an argument. I agree that there are people who live without a phone/smartphone in today's world - but the whole idea is to actually use technology in order to value it.  This month has taught me that we cannot rollback. And those who actually rollback - are not using their smartphones the way it should be used.

The next month, which apparently starts today, is going to be even more tough. Maybe slightly Zen too. The idea is to hand-wash and iron my clothes on own, without depending on anyone directly. Whatever humility is left within, shall be tested. 

Lets work, wait and watch.