Monday, December 23, 2013

Year end post | Year of Living without | Rant

The year ends the next few days. When I look back, I find 2013 to be quite eventful. There was lot of work and plenty of travel. There were ample opportunities to learn. We watched quite a lot of movies, read a few books too (although I have a few unfinished ones that will probably be carried over the next year). It was a decent year for the blog too. We also explored some new music - Pashto and Thai being predominant among the list.

It was a good year. And it flew away fast. Faster than we had thought.

Later this year, I started recording my life with the '1 Second Everyday' project. And so far it has has been quite an experience. What I've realized with this project is that you don't need to wait for the right moment to make your day memorable. At times, while waiting for a better moment to capture my '1 Second', I missed capturing anything for the entire day. And those days are going to be the ones that would never become a part of my memories ever. The idea of this project is to live the moment and capture it, and not to wait for a better time. If I continue to capture my 1 second everyday for the next few decades - I expect to have a decent collection of the life that I've lived.

Taking about 2014 - like everyone, we anticipate the coming year. Life is going to take a turn. The new direction is probably going to change our existing frame of reference. Personally, the next year is going to be my year of tests and experiments. Influenced by Leo Babauta's posts - I too have decided to have 2014 as 'The year of living without'. Every month, there would be one thing that I would stop using/doing. Most of these would be the stuff that I overdo OR consider as a luxury/habit. At the end of the month, I would share my experiences of the past 30 days. Hopefully I might draft a blog post for each month as well. Two things that I would want to make clear here:
  • This is just a personal experiment. Not to be misunderstood as penance or any kind of religious/semi-religious practice.
  • The idea here is not to be tough on myself  and try difficult things - but to just do a check if I can actually live without a few things that I usually depend on.
It took me close to 40 days to compile this list. It was slightly difficult. I wanted the list in such a way that my experiment does not impact the lives of others. Hence I couldn't find a lot of items. Shyamakshi helped, close friends and a few colleagues at work helped too. And finally, here are the list of those items and their schedule.

 (An exception  here is to keep recording my '1 Second Everyday'.)
 Laundry services
 Junk Food
 Gmail/Twitter/Any other social network for personal use
 (Office Communicator is exempted)
 Hot Water
 Credit/Debit Cards/Electronic money
 (Use cash and meal vouchers for all business)
 (No sugar-free alternatives too)
 Keep this month as a buffer - in case any previous month without 'x'  fails.
 Keep this month as a buffer - in case any previous month without 'x'  fails.

So with all this going to happen with a couple of other things in life - the coming year is going to be an exciting challenge. And it will be a big one. I hope that I learn and accept many new things that can make me a better person in this world. 

Now that we're all set, lets welcome 2014 with this Pashto song re-invented by Hamayoon Khan and the Coke Studio Pakistan team. It kept haunting our playlist in the later few months of this year - so it does need a mention on my blog. :)