Monday, October 28, 2013

Two days with a Windows Phone

I recently had an opportunity to use a Windows 8 Phone and those two days left me quite satisfied. Simplicity and accessibility was my focus and I was not disappointed. Perhaps I will choose Windows to power my next handset. I am expecting the Windows OS to give Android a solid punch in next two years.

Although there has been quite some content on the Windows Phones on the Internet, let me still post a few screenshots from the Nokia Lumia 520. Please note that this was a temporary use - I did not go through the experience of migrating my content from Android to Windows.

The simplicity of the home screen is just amazing.
The tiles can be customized to quite an extent.

Plain, simple list of applications. No pages, no grids. Just a simple alphabetical list.

MS Office works seamlessly on a Windows Phone. You can compose a file exactly the way you'd do on a traditional Windows machine. The only limiting factor is the screen size.

You get this screen quite often when switching between apps. However, I should not be judgmental - 520 is not a monster in the Lumia family.
The native music player is average. It does provide you free music downloads (limited period), but lacks some essential features. For instance, I couldn't find an equalizer.

The YouTube app is pretty weak. Its actually running YouTube on the browser. Definitely not a 'Google experience'. Overall, Windows app store cannot be compared with its rivals. It still needs content in terms of both quality and quantity.
Accessibility has been given quite some focus. Even with accessibility features own, the phone does not lose its style. UI team, take a bow!
This one was indeed strange. After downloading some songs + some internet browsing over WiFi, the statistics were misleading. I guess the 'Data sense' might undergo a fix.