Sunday, February 24, 2013

Performance feedbacks - Bollywood style

Lately we have been struggling to keep a bunch of 'trees' upright into the system. These trees do not bloom flowers, they do not bear fruits either. These are virtual trees. They lie within databases, spreadsheets, and documents. You can even find them in a few presentations. We take the responsibility of trimming these trees node by node, and nourishing them with supporting code. Nurturing them does not impact in reducing any carbon footprint, but it has been said that it will impact our appraisals.

Performance feedback sessions are tricky - for those who give it, and for those who receive it. If you are one of those unlucky folks at work having a bunch of pseudo-enthusiastic subordinates that pester you for raise and promotions, here is a case that might be of some help to you. Read on.

  • Afzal Khan murders Ashu. Sultan is notified of Ashu's death. 
  • The head of the family clenches his fist and grits his teeth to seek revenge.
  • Meanwhile Sultan reaches Afzal Khan's mansion and kills him. The revenge is completed. Sultan then picks up a photograph of Afzal Khan and returns back.
  • While the head of the family is still clenching his fist and gritting his teeth - Sultan smashes Afzal Khans's photograph in front of everyone, indicating that the revenge is taken and the murderer now ceases to exist.
  • The head of the family appreciates the initiative taken by Sultan.
  • Sultan is a horse.

The movie is Sanam Bewafa (1991) that features Salman Khan, Chandni, and of course - this proactive horse. If you can spare some time, do watch this entire movie summarized in 15 minutes here.

Next time when you are giving a performance feedback, quote this movie and narrate Sultan's exemplary performance. Ask your reportees to match up to Sultan's thought leadership and they will stop bothering you with requests of raise and promotions - for sure.