Wednesday, January 02, 2013


2013 has arrived but the world did not end. The experts will redo the calculations and might come up with another date. Perhaps there is no better work to be done.

As a follow up from 2011, we fought corruption in 2012 too. And corruption fought back, emerging stronger. We stood in line - wearing a white Kurta and a Gandhi cap, holding a flag, faces painted. Some chose to observe fast. Some chose to participate in rallies. Some chose to agitate on Facebook. Perhaps the fight against corruption will continue this year too - more or less in the same way.

They executed Kasab one fine morning. After approximately four years. Yes, we fought against terrorism too.

The 'Delhi Girl' suffered and finally crumbled to death. We gave her a new name. There were public rallies. Poems were written and shared. The faces on Facebook went angry. That was all we could do. Since the justice in our country is delayed, we compensate it with public agitation.

As Indians, we are experts at forgetting things and welcoming the changes that life brings to us. Let us forget the past, but learn our lessons. Maybe the learning might bring us a brighter and happier 2013.