Saturday, November 10, 2012

Some artwork

'गुण्डा' (The Rowdy) was doodled sometime in 2009 by me on an LG Cookie's resistive touch. Now that I've been using Galaxy S III, the urge to get a C-Pen has begun. Though the reviews of the C-Pen have not been so impressive, let us see where the itch takes me to. :)

Talking about the itch -  here is a good example on what happens when people get an urge to scribble but cannot find a paper around. This work of art was discovered from a colleague who flashed this ten-rupee note out of his wallet when paying for tea. I requested the owner not to spend it until I take a snap.

Section 35A of Banking Regulation Act 1949 considers writing on the bank note as a punishable offence. Unaware of the law, the artist's primary objective must have been to kill some time, and there must have been no intention within his mind to lampoon Gandhi.

Note: No offence is meant against Mahatma Gandhi/RBI/or-anyone-that-is-related (including the name and phone number written on the note). If you are still offended by this photograph and would like me to take it off - drop me a notification  with a valid reason. I will oblige if the number of such requests is high.