Monday, September 03, 2012

A story, retold.

He was a King, and he lived like one. He loved keeping fish - lots and lots of them. The palace looked as if it was an aquarium in itself. The King ran a parallel ecosystem - as if he was competing with God. And the competition seemed to be going on pretty well.

The King had visitors from all over the world, who frequently used to bring him rare breeds of fish as a token of gift. They understood the King's passion for fish. Perhaps they wanted to please him. Perhaps they wanted to feel proud in contributing to the King's exotic marine diversity. And hence the gifts.

But the King never accepted their fishes. He used to smile, thank them, reward them appropriately and send them back. He did miss a lot of rare varieties of fish this way. But probably he was okay with that.

Perhaps he knew that accepting fish from his visitors wasn't a very bright idea. He knew that if he accepted their fish, he might have to return them the favor in one way or the other.

And if this went on, one day he might no longer be the King. 

And then he might not be able to buy more fish.

And then there would'nt be any visitor to gift him those exotic fishes.

The King was happy with maintaining the hobby on his own.

He was a wise King. And he lived like one indeed.