Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cyanogenmod 9.0 on Motorola Milestone

Few weeks back an alpha version of Cyanogenmod 9 (Android 4.0/Ice-cream Sandwich) was released for Motorola Milestone A853. I used it for more than two weeks, and the ROM worked just fine with a few hiccups that will probably get fixed soon. Thanks to the developers, without them the Milestone was probably reduced to a stone.

One fine day, the phone suddenly placed a call on its own which lead me to backport the earlier ROM. But it is for sure that the Milestone users will get a taste of the all awesome ICS on their device.

With a completely new look, Ice Cream Sandwich looks very promising. Here are a few screenshots of the ROM. You can notice the UI changes and brighter graphics. The Google Apps now have a unified look. There are lot of other improvements as well - the screenshots of which, unfortunately I could not capture.

Android is evolving fast - with a good piece of hardware ICS will surely rock, and perhaps our Milestone shall be resurrected. :)