Thursday, October 13, 2011

The 'Taman Shud' Case

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If your appetite is full with the 'no-repeat' episodes of C.I.D, where ACP Pradyuman and his team prove that cases can be cracked in 20 minutes (excluding the commercial breaks), I'd suggest you to read this and try speculating on what actually must have happened.
The 'Taman Shud' case is an excellent example of a mystery having every element that can be typically found in a detective novel. The only difference here - we know that it is not fiction, and even after six decades we do not have an explanation that fits in correctly to this case. There are spy theories, love-triangle theories, and spy-in-a-love-triangle theories on this case - but none of them is able to provide a complete background on who was the man, why he died and how did he die.
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There have been recent attempts to re-investigate the mystery of the Somerton man. Experts say that some very vital clues on the whereabouts of the man could be found via DNA profiling. There are several communities trying to decrypt the code written at the back of the book as well. But the chances of connecting all the dots, unfortunately look to be rare. To cater to one's curiosity, there is enough stuff to read on the Internet. The only book published so far on this mystery is unfortunately, not available in India.
Somehow, I really feel bad about the Somerton man. Maybe someone somewhere must be waiting for him to come back home, unknown about his death. I just hope that the Somerton Man is remembered, atleast via the Internet - till he really gets identified with the name he responded to.