Saturday, July 23, 2011

निठल्ले की डायरी

Harishankar Parsai's 'निठल्ले की डायरी ' (English: Diary of an idle man) makes you grab and read the other works of the author. The book is a compilation of snippets from the diary of a common man who prefers to stay idle and does not wish to do anything in life. Each incident, narrated in form of a short story justifies why the protagonist chooses to be this way. Although written decades back, the stories from the book can still be related to whatever that happens around us today. The expert lobbyists in the sarkari offices, cynic neighbors, moral police and groupism in society - it covers all, and exposes how a common man indirectly becomes a part of these gimmicks in his daily life. To cut it short, the stories are timeless. Written in lucid Hindi, the book offers a lot to tickle your funny bone and ponder on how inaction could be the best approach to survive in the society we live in.

A must read, even if you don't read Hindi for leisure!