Saturday, June 11, 2011

Snaps from a recent vacation

I have been familiar with Jammu and Amritsar, but experienced Kashmir for the first time. In spite of being a single state, Jammu and Kashmir have noticeable difference between them. This difference is not the skew in ratio of followed religions, its about how these areas have developed over the period of time.
While there is nothing much that can flourish apart from tourism in Kashmir, the state government has not done much to manage the hapless state of this industry. The business is ruled by touts all across. In lush green meadows, or snow covered valleys and glaciers, you will find yourselves haggling instead of looking around and enjoying the view. In fact, an initial quote by the guides, poneywalas, and the other '-walas' made me think of quitting my job and work as a tout. The idea looked promising since -
  • I get to stay in this beautiful place with a large house.
  • I get to work only for six months.
  • I get to earn at least double of what I get now (in just six months).
I must admit that every tourist place in India has a similar story. But here in Kashmir, I found it a little more extreme, which was very annoying. Probably the reason for this could be that the excess money getting shelled out from the tourists' pockets goes into the activities Kashmir has been notoriously famous for. Anyways, here are some snaps from Kashmir, Jammu and Amritsar.