Wednesday, May 25, 2011

CyanogenMod 7.1 on Motorola Milestone

I went Android last year and chose Motorola Milestone A853. Initially on Android 2.1, I got an upgrade to 2.2 by Motorola, which I found a little sluggish (Motorola marketed this phone initially as 'a phone without compromise). For a change and in search of performance, I rooted my Milestone and went ahead with CyanogenMod 7.1. Results are impressive as the phone is now faster, and here are a few screen shots of I what I have in my hand.

The Internet offers loads of information and steps on rooting your phone and probably this post explains it the best. Note that your phone's warranty voids the moment you root, and you are responsible if your phone is reduced to a brick. Motorola Milestone is not officially supported for CyanogenMod 7, but works well and can be downloaded from here.