Friday, December 11, 2009

Some unfinished ones...(contd.)

A continuation of my previous post, here is an unfinished draft for the November month as well.
November 2009,
"While I waited for things to change around me, my location changed to Delhi-NCR. Breathing in North India feels good after a long yet temporary stay in the South. Here, anything that is edible can be stuffed into a 'Paratha' and served before you. Needless to say, I am enjoying my share of life here.

This region has its own charm, its own style of hustle-bustle and commotion - much different from Mumbai. It has these strange buses that run on the roads (and kill people) which have their unique way of operating. They hardly halt at the stops, expecting you to alight the buses while they are on the move. Most of the times, the so-called conductor never returns change or gives you a ticket in lieu of the money you tendered. And all this is pretty routine.

Talking of the pavements - most of them have uncovered manholes. So if you follow the 'walk-when-you-talk' Idea, it is highly probable that you may land in serious trouble.

Not that I am in one of those complaining moods. But then, it seems that the tolerance of people in this area does not show up at right places. Maybe there are hundreds of other things that these people have to worry about in life. And probably, I am becoming one of them..."