Thursday, December 10, 2009

Some unfinished ones...

Well. There should be something for the September, October, November and December post. I did draft a few of them, but by the time I could finish the first, a second one came in and then the third - and so on. With 2009 waving goodbye to us, I would like to publish all my unfinished posts that kept haunting my OneNote/Google Docs for quite some time.

Today, I feel relieved to have posted them.

September 2009,

“The swine flu threat is still on in Pune. Handkerchiefs, Surgical Masks - its difficult to recognize people around. A couple of days back I saw a kid playing around with one of such disposed masks. Needless to say, we Indians throw anything - anywhere. The child's mother, a rag picker by profession was more than happy to tie this mask around her son's face. Some re-creation for the kid.

I must admit that I made no attempts to stop the kid or the mother from touching that infected mask. But then, it surely forked a thought process in my mind. Sometime later, the thought process got sublimated. The masked kid was forgotten…”

October 2009,

“We have this constant debate over the work-life balance in our mind. It is a subconscious attempt to feel guilty about not balancing at least one of them. I believe that on this work-life debate front, there are three kinds of people in this world:

- those who are unable to balance work in their life.
- those who are unable to balance life in their work.
- those who are unable to balance both of the two.

A perfect balance is much more than an ideal state, which never happens - and hence the debate. Life goes on…”