Sunday, May 03, 2009

Somehow, the thought process isn't clicking these days. This is my nth attempt to post, and all I've got is a couple of drafts - half cooked though. After spending so much time, I don't feel like posting them. Probably I know that they are not worth. Well, actually even this post isn't. :)

I watched 'Delhi 6' today, and was quite amused with the 'Kala Bandar' script. The movie is much inspired from the infamous 'Monkey Man' fiasco that actually happened in Delhi during May 2001. Somehow, I missed the actual footage during those times ( I was inaccessible to nonsense news channels) - and could not enjoy the daily updates. It would definitely have been fun for sure.

Humans love rumours. And above all, mass hysteria is something that we all try becoming a part of. The 'Monkey Man' incident is one good example which plainly indicates how imaginative we can be, collectively. Today, this infamous cryptid has a write-up on Wikipedia, and has been quoted on BBC and TIME.

Now thats what I call being famous! :)