Sunday, October 19, 2008

Anwar - The movie

At times, we need to look beyond the quality of direction and screenplay of the movie, concentrating more on the plot. Watching movies is not a mere entertainment - it can definitely give you a good thought process to weave your ideas around. One such movie that I saw recently was Manish Jha's 'Anwar'. The movie haunts me - and these days I pop it out in each and every discussion that I'm involved. Probably, I've taken the characters way too seriously.
Adapted from Priyamvad's hindi short story 'Falgun ki ek upkatha', 'Anwar' is an attempt to portray different perceptions of love, life and how society tends to mould situations to its advantage .
The movie revolves around the central character Anwar - a victim of unfortunate events which make him lose the dear ones around him. Emotionally dejected, Anwar submits himself to fate and does not meddle in the huff created by political parties and media when he is assumed as a terrorist hiding in a hindu temple.

Browse. You may find mixed reviews about the movie. The critics will blame it for weak direction and screenplay with loose plot binding it. But then, if you look beyond the technicality - you'll be impressed with the subject chosen and will definitely appreciate the efforts behind the plot as well as the characters.
Watch it, and let me know if you liked it or not.