Saturday, August 30, 2008

An Update...

I think it’s time that I just jot down my garbled thoughts over the notepad and post them - for the sake of posting. Past one month I've been trying to update my blog, but then it doesn’t work out. Before leaving India I was expecting that I would blog more often once I reach US, since I might find a lot to compare and think over. Instead, my thought processes were entirely consumed in worrying about vegetarian meals and getting used to the environment around me. And hence, no updates. :)

I wrote a couple of drafts, but didn’t post them since I hoped to find something better. That 'better' couldn’t be found. Today, all those drafts seem meaningless to me, and I've just 'SHIFT+DEL'ed them. Again, I thought of posting some snaps, but didn’t feel like doing that. My previous few posts seemed more or less like a photo album, and I have no intentions of making vivekreallyblogs a photo blog. And hence, no updates. :)

Reasons are innumerable. They might be strong enough to get convinced or lame enough to be smirked over. But at the end, they are reasons. And they've helped me in posting something today. An update - that’s what I'd like to call this post as; is just to flag that I blog, and I'll keep posting. Probably the correct thought process will resume once I reach back to India, commuting in buses and pondering over life while buying groceries.

Updated. :)