Monday, June 23, 2008

A commuter's post

I commute by buses everyday. It’s a great attempt to test my patience, churn my thought processes and click some photos on the way.

At times the world seems upside down to me. The roots try to reach the sky for nutrition, while the branches dig the earth for growth. The definition of height and depth are so relative!

Probably in the next course of evolution, Man will prefer having wheel-looking-appendages instead of legs. The couples will identify themselves as a four-wheeler family.

The bird, the tree and the sun. The pole is just an intruder. It'll glow once the sun sets. It'll glow once the bird settles down in its nest. Its only companions are the trees.They'll talk all night long.

There are people who don't need soft pillows, clean sheets and a king-sized bed to sleep. I guess he's one of those few lucky ones.