Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Two days back, it rained in Chennai. The clouds roared, and the frogs croaked. I realized that the frogs here croaked in a different tone when compared with frogs of Pune. Perhaps, they croaked in Tamil.

So, the frogs of Chennai were happy. They misunderstood the two day rainfall as a seasonal phenomenon. The puddles were occupied. Tadpoles swam, the frogs croaked and leaped across. It seemed like a festival - for frogs.

Twas sunny today. And it didn't rain. The frogs waited. They waited till the puddles went dry. A few wise frogs realized the joke and went back under the ground. The others kept waiting - croaking impatiently.

In the evening, I found a lot of frogs dead. Some of them were crushed by the wheels, smaller ones by foot. Nature deceived them. It shouldn't have, but it had to.

I guess we've something to learn from the frogs.