Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Welcome 2008

Reminders, calendar invites, sticky notes et al. We live in a world dependent of technology, and we're proud of it. We're workaholics, sloggers. Only because we have bound our tasks with respect to priority and time.

Great job done.

While I was discussing about my irregular blog posts with one of my acquaintances, he laughed. He laughed because I was worrying about something which had no deadlines, no one to follow up in the background . He asked me to relax, and post whenever I get 'ample' time. Indirectly, he proposed that I should quit blogging.

I recently visited someone and realized that people like me have made complete zombies out of us. Being a software professional with ample amount of work and daily travel, she managed substantial time for her hobbies. Hobbies for which there were not reminders fixed, no alarms set. Hobbies which were not a part of any documented schedule. I was impressed, and I've decided to give myself a try.

I will begin the new year with being less zombie. Frequent blog posts, writing my daily diary (2007 had only 68/365 pages filled!) and getting hands over my new Guitar and flute - would be my priority this year.

All this, only without affecting my life at the professional front.

Welcome 2008.