Sunday, December 30, 2007

Experiments with truth - M. K Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi is a good topic to discuss on. However, the discussions aren't worthwhile most of the time, since they are one-sided. I recently finished his 'My Experiments with Truth' and realized that there cannot be any doubts in referring him as a 'Mahatma'. Someone associated with politics in those times could have not been cleaner enough. The book is wonderfully simple, divided into short chapters which can be read individually. The book offers a lot to learn, and adds threads to one's thought process. It is solely upto the reader how he/she takes it.

I feel that we have induced within ourselves a trend to defy and complicate facts. We have scandalized almost every one who has reached the pinnacle of success and managed to gain respect in the society. Lot of people in the world, lot of views - with an equal lot of misrepresented and misguided facts. Rather than ripping apart the personal life of Gandhi or finger pointing over the mistakes he made, why can't we plainly highlight his painstaking efforts and influence ourselves with it? After all, learning from someone is not a bad idea.

When we do not support Gandhian ideologies, it does not mean that we are violent and vehement. It also does not mean that we support racial prejudice and injustice. Neither we should conclude that the younger generation defies truth and prefers to abide by falsity. We are good, we are honest, and we are loyal - in our own ways. But our inherent habit of finding faults with people rather than learning from them needs to be corrected.

It is both funny and sad to say that we read and admire the 2500 year old Buddha, but fail to understand the potential and efforts of Mahatma Gandhi who lived 60 years back in the history. For all those who cannot stop grumbling about Mahatma Gandhi and his ideologies, I'd suggest them to read this book and think again.