Saturday, October 20, 2007

SecondLife - your world, your imagination

We discussed and how it might contribute to Extra Marital Affairs. While the thread kept its pace in adding itself, I thought of assimilating the views and ideas of my friends, acquaintances and colleagues and publishing the excerpts of the discussion to my blog. Some of these ideas are verbal and were not recorded at the time of discussions. However, I have tried my best to convey their comments in my words.

Mahesh: " When Yahoo chat and stuffs came, people stated chatting and assumed pseudo nicknames . Their action and pretence in that pseudo chats , were subconscious reflections of what they wanted to be, an not they were. So even this 'Second Life' is meant to analyze cases where humans are given control to rule and dominate this world, instead of Almighty which is assumed to dominate now." (e-mail post)

Shyamakshi: " So if a man marries someone in SecondLife, does it mean that he is cheating his present-first-life wife? I feel that there's nothing wrong in a man marrying someone else in his second life, as long as he doesn't mix both of them. I mean the guy staying online all the time to interact to his second life wife, and avoids his poor first life wife! It'll definitely screw up his first life marriage! And this can be a future feminist issue. It is definitely analogical to an Extra Marital Affair (EMA), which is more prominent in men.

The only difference is - In first life, guys involved in an EMA think that they've got a second life...!! " (e-mail post)

Santosh: " Definitely yes! He is cheating his wife. You might say that person's second life entity is simply virtual and has no real existence. However, it is to be noted that this virtual entity runs on the commands of a present life user, and is logically connected to his psyche. If he ends up in an affair, it means that he intends to do the same in his present life. In the long run, this might uprest his marital status" (verbal comment)

Rahul: " This seems to be a better way to boost up the lacking self confidence in people. SecondLife would definitely act as a great tool to simulate things and come to conclusions."(verbal comment)

Me: " It all depends on the quality and intent of simulation that a player is carrying out. Nothing wrong. This would definitely help people to become culturally, morally and racially tolerant in their second life. Once this is achieved, this thought process would definitely start percolating in the present life of the player, thereby improving his quality of thoughts, and social behavior. This is analogous to the system landscaping that we follow in SAP. All the configurations, changes, and developments are done at an initial development client, tested on QA and finally transported to the live production client!"

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the five individuals are instantaneous and crude outcome of their own thought processes. It is to be noted that none of these five individuals are SecondLife users or are interested to become one.