Sunday, September 02, 2007

Comments on my previous post

 "Read your blog. Couldn't figure out a single reason, why you should make it
non-public. Rustiness is obviously reflected; but then so is the flair and the
promise of getting it back in the next blog. By the way, what do I conceive of
this?? U said...u had nothing to write did u hence write on
marriage??....and u had no one to I hence the scapegoat??!!!!!
(Ah, I am at the bottom of the rack!!!) "

            "Its good yaar! Smooth ...but you didn't reveal the characters ....
            may be do it in next episode!! Or take marriage to next level!
            Continue posting........."

 "It seems as if you have described... not imagined - what would have happened if you  would have met, on a date ideally! The guy is VIVEK!!"

            "LOL! BTW, how did u imagine all this??"

"What crap! I’m not reading all of this!"

My previous post was extremely experimental, and I was very much keen to get it reviewed. These were some quick reactions by a few of the readers (the only readers, LOL!) on the same.

There seems to be a stack of absolutely very patient people around me. This stack influences my professional, social, and spiritual life. I make mistakes, and the 'stack' does the needful. All my half-hearted attempts are taken care of, so that they don’t go in vain. God Bless the world.