Tuesday, September 25, 2007

And the AMS colleague said to me in my dreams -

" People like you should be quarantined from the society. Your only fault - your long term memory retention and your extreme preoccupation with the past. On an average, you'll be spending more than 1/3rd of your life thinking about the past.

Gradually, you'll tend to compare things and situations that cease to exist with the ones that are now, and tentatively develop a more negative attitude towards the present.

If more people of your kind manage to get together, you all would turn into rebels, worthlessly fighting to bring back the past, which can never happen. "

The monologue from the AMS colleague makes absolutely no sense. However, my mind definitely deserves an appreciation for its subconscious derivative skills. Fortunately, I tend to remember quite a lot of details when I dream which isn't the case with most of us (Kudos to my long term memory retention power! LOL!). The following is an excerpt from one of the e-mails written by me in the year 2004, when I was into the habit of creating soft copies of my dreams. I am no expert in dream interpretation techniques and theories on subconscious behavior of the human brain, but I hope that it will definitely add some value to the topic.

"Dreams are supposed to be one of the most private assets of an individual. Just as two organisms cannot be exactly similar to each other, so are dreams. They reflect an individual's overall personality, character and his outlook towards the world, in which he manages to survive.
Some things influence our life so much that they become a subconscious part of our mind. Their features get improved, added or deleted in our brain at every instant of time, yet unknown to us. They show up their color when we dream, maybe by becoming its central theme. And we misguide ourselves by interpreting what not out of them. The human brain is creative to such an extent that it can assimilate all illogical ideas into one logical thought, making it sound wise enough to ponder on. Isn't it?
So each and everything that we see in our dream, should not be added to its interpretation. It may lead to wrong inferences, and probably crown you as a bad dream analyst!"