Monday, August 06, 2007

Arranged marriages, love and Spiderman -3

Marriages are marriages. Its an occasion were people meet, discuss things, and eat while the bride and the groom get married. Our regional tantrums make them more dramatic and ostentatious. LOL!

It was evening. They met. They were smiling.

They talked about themselves. They talked about their work. He initiated the conversation. Probably she wanted him to. He talked about how the system was misconfigured across the clients. He talked about how the whole implementation was still unstable even after seven odd months post go-live.She listened. However, she could not understand anything about what he was speaking, but yet she was happy. It was pleasing. His voice, his words, his accent - everything was euphoric. She lost herself, into the hum of his voice, which seemed extremely melodious to her.

She lost herself.

He had finished his talking, and it was now her turn to talk. She wanted to impress him. She was sweet. She was mellifluous. But then, she was not sure of herself. Her delirious mind seemed to throw and catch questions in the air.

She began her talking - nervously though.

While he listened, he observed her minutely. This assessment seemed more difficult than the usual Quality Audits and Code Reviews at his work . He tried to make this easy. Easier it became. He saw her extremely simple. Fair she was, and fairer seemed her outlook towards the world. He concluded, soon.

Finally, the meet ended. They were smiling. The boy was beaming, while the girl managed to paste a three inch smile. A length more than that would have been inappropriate. The couple seemed to be happy, and the Parents were happier. You can call this an 'arranged marriage' .

Since that day, he has changed. He prefers soft-romantic songs in his portable music devices. His taste has changed. Finally, those Karan Johar movies touch his heart. He's ready. He's ready to marry, and he's ready to fall in love.

People mock that Spiderman -3 was inspired by Bollywood (was it?) just because the story was slightly more inclined towards human emotions and relationships. But there is always a different approach to life, however crude it may seem to be. We may talk on abnormal excretion habits of our friends, on Child Labour, on Himesh Reshammiya, on the fairly unfair reservation laws - but that cannot be the only world we're in. In fact, that’s not the only world we are in. There are more dimensions. And we're not supposed to delve into the only one where we have managed to lay our hands upon.

Lets come out of our shell. Lets change - tenderly, wisely.