Saturday, May 12, 2007

Lesser posts from my side.

It doesn't mean that the world has stopped. It is running fast, very fast, and does not wait for me. Students are graduating-post graduating, relationships are into the process of making and breaking, while Himesh Reshammiyya (is this how the world spells it?) has now plunged into acting. We're expecting a Bhojpuri dubbed version of Spider man-III, which indicates how our Desi-rural fellows are developing a new taste - half baked though.

The days are flowing, and my hair-line is receding, as usual to keep in pace with time. I'm getting old, wiser with time. This is happening with not only me, but with everyone on this earth. Old people get older, and the new ones keep generating - like random numbers - like mushrooms. The hustle bustle around me is usual, and I'm involved. All of us are involved.

Nobody's standing, no body's waiting - for good. Their own good.

Programmers are coding, consultants are suggesting solutions, the core team runs around both of them. But are all of them living? They're breathing - to code, to suggest, to follow up. And I guess thats life, and it has to go on. Let me become free. Let me become a part of the nature - once again. Let me give away everything that I own. But I guess I cannot; it is too dear to me.

I will not. :)