Sunday, February 11, 2007

Weekend lunch

That day we discussed on child labour in India. It went on to be a heated discussion.The steamed rice, daal and curry in our plates went cold in order to maintain an equilibrium with the temperature. Both of us had different views. Rahul strongly stressed on education, rather than allowing the child to work. I concentrated more on the hunger and nutrition, claiming that work (under healthy circumstances) might atleast fetch some food to the child and family.

The issue is serious. Both of us have a point over here. According to my friend, earning money at such a tender age might disinterest a child from his primary education, thus causing a major reduction in the quality of the masses in the Indian society. While I support the fact that learning and education can only happen when an individual manages a sure source of bread. Hungry stomachs come first than thirsty minds, isnt it?

Discussions do help in solving problems. But such discussions end up in counter-arguing each other, trying to fruitlessly prove one's theories and ideologies. Our discussions lasted for about an hour, but we failed to come to a common solution against this problem. Infact, we ended up spoiling our moods on a precious weekend. The People around looked at us with awe, wrongly concluding over the quality of our thought processes, thinking of us as some 'out-of-the college-s/w fellows-out-to-create-a-difference' kind of guys.

Such argumentative sessions like the one we had, seldom help. Every individual has a different frame of reference, a different approach to look onto things. But then, we all have a common aim - to make things better, to simplify the worsened situations. Then why not solve it together, co-operatively? Its not about what 'You' or 'Me' did. Its about what 'we' should do.

Discussions, meetings, tie-ups and collaborations wont help till we all come up together. We need to accept each others concern towards the dire necessities of the mankind.

We need brains to think, hands to help. Collectively.
There is still a lot of work to be done.

Current action over the issue : The Indian government is proposing a complete ban on employing children below the age of 11.