Wednesday, February 07, 2007

For the sake of posting...

"..for all those, who prefer to give a new meaning to Life, rather than wasting time in finding one!"


January has passed. And gradually people are getting adjusted to the month old 'New Year'. Some of the resolutions have started to break, while some of them are into the process of getting customized to one's comfort. People are still hopeful for the 11-month span still left, which seems enough for them to achieve whatever they had desired of this year.


Man lives on hope. His socio-economic survival is dependent on the probabilities of hopes turning into realities. Beautiful realities, which make him smile, which make him raise his head among his people, among his subjects.

I 'hope' to redefine my blog in the remaining 11 months of this year.
A few posts in Hindi and a couple of serious posts (really serious!!) would be my plan for the next few months.

With work sucking off all the time and patience, I hardly find moments where I can keep my cool and sit to type weird things. But, there's definitely a life beyond Excel sheets and SAP screens! Right?