Saturday, December 30, 2006

Year end posting..

Luckily, I have discovered an immense source of thought processes. I dip my hands, grab one and continue to spun and weave something through it. The thread gets longer, and I keep on weaving. I weave in multiple dimensions and the thread gets complicated with the passage of time. Suddenly, I find myself trapped in a cobweb. It seems an endless trap to me. I struggle, wriggle and Google to come out of it.

It leaves me in a stalemate situation. A deadlock, where my thought process is waiting for me, while I wait for my thought process to get killed by itself. The year is ending, and I'd like to publish all of my incomplete posts, that have been left unjustified just because of some or the other reasons.

I'll be starting afresh next year, with newer thought processes and a new dimension to look onto things and life.

Its all about how we see and perceive things. Is'nt it??

Answers. Questions.
Questions. Answers.

Both the words are so much familiar to us. Life's all about these two words.
In fact, life's all about playing with words. Permutations and combinations, with proper grammar.
Questions seek answers. And answers are relatively difficult to find.
Every question longs for an answer. And all of us seek answers.
Answers give us directions.
Directions to pursue.
Directions to follow.
Directions to avoid. (25/09/2006)

"Why didnt we think of this before?? Hmm??"
"Umm.. I don't know! Maybe, it didn't come into my mind!"
" 'My Mind' ?? I am your mind! Why are you blaming me?"
"Of course! Its your fault! Its the mind who has to think and take decisions! Do I need to remind you yr duties?"
"Strange! Never heard of anyone fighting with his mind! You need assistance my friend! When you go insane, people dont blame you, they blame your mind! " (1/10/2006)


Atif Aslam is still sad. He's still whining and complaining. But the way he does it, is way too musical. So, he's a hit.
So, here's a question before all. Why do people prefer sad songs??
Sad songs are often demonstrative.
Uh! (04/10/2006)

Dreams. We see them, either awake or asleep.

Dreams full of hopes.
Dreams that scare us.
Dreams that make us blush.
Dreams that make us get up and pursue them.

Dreams. (27/11/2006)