Monday, September 04, 2006

Mera song, meri nose...

Two weeks back I was returning to Pune and twas Himesh Reshammiya that made my journey worth. Never ever I had dared to lend my ears to his songs, but this time I was forced to.

Those two hours, while the poor speakers overworked, I surrendered to my fate and let HR's vocals flow across my ears. He's perfect. Perfect with his nasals, and can sing any given song in his same patent tone. I recalled how fellow bloggers have epitomized Himesh Reshammiya and his sonorous brain-crackling talent, which he lately discovered within himself.
And I realized that they were very much true.

The time when we were kids, we used to have music classes in schools. And our vocal music teacher used to thrash us like anything whenever anyone of us attempted to sing with nasals. "Nasals are easy to modulate, but that’s not the way one should sing." - he used to say. But now that I see HR topping the charts, I feel that we all could have been super hit singers, if we had a teacher who sang with his nose.


So, after 120 minutes of Himesh Reshammiya, I am here with steps that would guide you to create a typical HR song. (Do try it at home!)

Music - Make the music as gaudy as possible. The typical 'dhick-chick-dhick-chick’ orchestra would do wonders. Make it a point to include high pitch electric guitar and Violin chords into the music. (But remember, your nose is supposed to be the most dominant musical instrument…! Use it like a guitar, use it like a flute, use it like anything you wish, and you're a hit! )

Lyrics - Do you really care for the lyrics eh?? Lyrics can be anything. Just take care that whatever that comes out of your mouth rhymes well. And if it doesn’t rhyme, make the word redundant! Repeat it till your breath lasts. It gives you ample time to think what are you supposed to sing next. Isn’t that simple?

Visuals - Don’t shave till you look strange. Wear a cap. Hold a mic as if you're drinking a glass of water. And then, have a nauseating look on your face. (Show the world that you're singing your heart out!). You should have a feeling that you're looking extremely handsome, and girls would loiter around you.

Finally, when all is set and ready, SHOUT!


PS : No hard feelings. There are people who hum and tap their feet on the beats of his songs. He's being showered with awards from all the places. I appreciate his talent that’s fetching him fame. Not everyone can do it.