Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Manifestations of Soul...

“I am going. And I don’t think that I'll return. I guess I've seen enough of this world. 22 years of life - enough for me to suffer, and to see others suffer. I can’t take it anymore. And so, I'm leaving - forever.

When I was born, I wasn’t crying. The Doctor slapped my back, and I started crying. What a bad start of life...! Since then, I am seeing the world around me - crying, whining and complaining. My birth anticipated the rest of my life.

I know, you'll say - '22 years is a short time, there's a lot more to see Dude! Hope for the best...!'

Lol, HOPE???

You're talking of HOPE?? Heh, can you guarantee this HOPE for me?? Lol, nope! You can’t!! All you can do is to HOPE. You hopeless fellow!

So, I'm leaving. The thought itself gives me immense pleasure. I feel good, and it makes me feel better. I am free from this dogmatic society, where people have failed to remember that they are Humans. They tried to imitate God, but became Demons. They are mutated. They want to be strong - no matter how ugly they've become.

They're breeding, and I can imagine their upcoming generations. It makes me feel scared. So, I'm leaving. Don’t stop me, ‘cos I’m leaving for good – my own good.

But where will I go?? They are everywhere! And they're forcing me to be like them. They call it a ‘Society’. Sooner or later, they'll find me.

Unwillingly, I'll be mutated.

"I am not going. And I'm sure that I'll never think of it again. 22 years is a pretty short time. There's a lot more to see. I'll Hope for the best!!

When I was born, I wasn’t crying. The Doctor slapped my back, and I started crying. What a wonderful start of life...! It made me realize that the world is tough, and even a light slap is enough to make you cry, if you are weak.

We're Humans. And we will be Humans no matter what we do. Life is about living, not leaving. I won’t go. Nope, I'll stay. And I won’t mutate - Because I am Me. And God is within Me."