Monday, May 29, 2006

Food for thought...

Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
-Mahatma Gandhi.

True, very true. And certainly, all of us are going to become blind sooner or later. Look at us, we're steadily degrading ourselves morally. We're not ready to forget the darker side of the brilliant past we had. That's us.

'Reservations' - the word kept buzzing my ears since past few weeks. Gave me a lot of food for thought, but I was unable to digest the facts. I heard news from different sources, all of them were different. I cudnt determine which of them were correct. So, I stopped paying attention to them.

In different corners of the country, people were agitating against 'Reservations'. Hunger strikes, threatening the government and the concerned officials, writing articles etc. were catching up. Newspapers were flooded with atleast something about such ativities almost everyday. Their sales hiked. It was business for them. Television media emerged with public opinions (with strange sms codes to even stranger numbers). They interviewed people from all classes of society. Their TRPs hiked. It was business for them.

Even the Internet was not kept aloof from all this. Mails, Communities, Forums, Chat portals - all of them had something brewing up. My mailbox used to receive atleast three to four mails from people I didnt even knew. The contents contained firey language against the Manmohan-Sonia Government and Mr. Arjun Singh. We were expected to sign up our names in the mails and forward it to others, and spam them. I stopped reading those mails after I read a few.

On the other side, there were a bunch of people who were lucky enough to find humour over these topics in particular. Dialogues from hindi films were stripped and edited, to make them senseless anti-reservation jokes. Cartoons, caricatures, satire - everything! They deployed everything and earned fame and money.

Its still going on....

I respect those who are actively protesting it. But dont you think our society needs re-engineering? We protest reservations, but we want brides and grooms from similar caste only. There are people who enter a restaurant and ask the caste of the cook first and then order food. There are places in India, where Brahmins are still considered God, and they disallow Harijans from entering the Temple and touching the Idols. But when it comes to admission of their children into good institutes, they'll protest. Whew... isnt that great???

I dont support Reservations. The idea itself encourages casteism and communalism - when its on the verge of diminishing.

Reserving seats for students based on castes indicates that we'll continue to divide the society into different levels, on the basis of birth. We need to look at ourselves, cos we are supporting diversification on the basis of caste and creed in
some or the other way.

May Lord have mercy on us, Sinners.