Friday, April 28, 2006

Yes, welcome to the world of Blogging!! You'll love it! I mean there's no better place to jot down your thoughts through electronic media and boast about your tech-savviness. Isn’t it??

The user friendliness and the ubiquitous nature of the internet and softwares have made us significantly handicapped. We hardly write with our hands these days. Infact, I have seen some of my classmates who actually bring their laptops to the classroom, and jot down the notes into it.

Last week we had our mid terms, and there were students who complained of the papers, just because they were descriptive, and to be written on paper. I was included in the crowd. When I came out of the examination hall, my fingers were stiff, and I felt really tired. This continued for about six days, and each day I cursed myself over my stiff fingers and worsening handwriting.

Finally, those eight theory papers ended, and we again threw away our pens, switching to laptops. But it did pinch me somewhere. I was gradually losing my hand's writing - HANDWRITING. I could pound several lines of code, reports and blogs, but I hardly logged my daily diary. I was losing my Handwriting, I was losing my identity. I agree that the world is fast, but we don’t need to lose ourselves in order to cope up with its speed. And gaining something at the stake of losing oneself - I would not consider it a deal.

E-Mails have replaced letters. Verbal conversations have replaced online chat. We've learnt how to communicate our emotions using dumb ‘smilies’ and ‘emoticons’. They are way too expressive. And excessive expressions often kill away the enjoyment you find in deciphering someone's mood all by yourself.

How I wish someone could actually write me a letter, and I could reply back!

I am not discouraging the rapid adaptation to technology by the society; neither do my views intend to raise fingers over the commercial and social use of internet as a means of communication. But I'm sure, if this continues, one day surely we're going to tilt our heads when we smile!! :-)