Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Twas Sunday Again...

Twas Sunday again. No electricity in the Hostels. Its routine for me. Its routine for me to sit and harass my friends. This is how I did it this time.

Me: "Tell me, do you like to live??"

'G': "Yes, of course I like to live!"

Me: "Why, you don’t like to die or what?"

'G': "Nope, I won’t prefer to die!"

Me: "Why, wont you like a change, from this routine life??

'G': "Hmm..I don’t know what happens to life after death, and that’s why I won’t prefer this change"

Me: "Do you like to live?"

'M': "...eh... what sort of question is this??"
(Probably he thought that I was sick!)

Me: "Arrey just tell me na...!"

'M': "Of course everyone likes to live!"

Me: "Tell me why dont you prefer death over life...!"
(Now he's really sure that I'm sick!!)

'M': "eh.... you're crazy or what?? There's no life after death! Everyone knows that!"

Me: "And who told you this, may I ask?"

'M': "..eh...the thing is, our body decimates when we die. Nothing more than that. I don't believe in souls and spirit stories."

Me: "Tell me, do you like living???"

'P': "Yes, I like LIVE-IN JEANS!!!!"

Me: (LOLZ)

'P': "...but you know, in US if you wear Live-in Jeans, they'd probably think that you are a laborer or something..!!"

Me: (Still laughing!)

Me: "Arrey baba, do you like to live??"

'P': "Of course!"

Me: "You don't want to try dying and experience the change? It might be possible that its better..!"

'P': "No re, after death everything is immaterial. You cant freak out with girls and enjoy then."

Me: "Good..! Its better you live."

My survey ended with only a sample of three. Small it may be, but it shows perception of three engineering graduates pursuing their postgrads together and I bet, they all are good friends.

The questions that I asked are kinda corny, I know. But I bet, they’re worth introspecting!!