Monday, March 27, 2006

Spiritually yours...

Sunday, no electricity in the Hostels. Both of us were sitting in my room, doing nothing. We had already talked a lot, and now there were no topics left. My friend started looking here and there, and I closed my eyes, making a futile attempt to sleep without fans in a typical Pune summer.

"Khaali haath aaye, khaali haath chale - Strange, does it mean that 'He' wont accompany us back???"

I opened my eyes, and saw my boon friend staring over the 'Gita Saar' poster that adorns my portion of the wall. I like to be a part of such discussions, cos there is little technicality behind them to be explained. So, me decieded to add a thread to his thought process. Me continued the discussion.

Me: "But of course! If he goes away from this world with someone who dies, who'll create, regulate and sustain all the mess over here??"

Gunaranjan: " is it possible that we can become someone like him??"

Me: "Yes...why not?? We can... and some of us have!! Who were Gautam Buddhha, Mahavir, Sai Baba....?? The list is endless...!!"

Gunaranjan: "Sometimes, God is like an OLAP engine to me! A multidimensional OLAP, with ideal or near-to-ideal
performance measure....He's full of data, about everything below and above the sky."

This did not shock me. My friend Gunaranjan often compares technical aspects with nature. I've already heard his assumptions about the Human brain using XML as a data structure for memory mapping. He had explained it well. I liked it. Now that something like this was getting bubbled up again, I felt happy.

Atleast,some creative, semi-philosophical-technical discussions for a change. Thats really rare here. So, I continued.

Me: "You can say that..! The beautiful part is, we living beings constitute the major and the most important parameters and dimensions to HIM...and we use him the most! Isnt it??"

Gunaranjan: "Then, why cant we deploy him, use the 'OLAP' Engine and become GOD???"

Me: "Thats where the problem is..! We're Legacy systems, with localised and scarce knowledge! Integration with 'OLAP-God' is kinda difficult!"

Gunaranjan: "Lol.... we can use XML for interoperability!!!"

Me: "Well, yes..! Thats wot people have done...! Buddha and others had developed some means to communicate with HIM...! And if you know, Buddha claimed to get the DIVINE KNOWLEDGE, the ULTIMATE TRUTH..! He deployed OLAP well..!!"

The discussion went on for about an hour, where we further discussed about possible algorithmic approach to develop the DIVINE INSIGHT and becoming ANTARYAAMI, by mining the Tacit knowledge, reachable to the very few .

Twas worth. :-)