Friday, January 20, 2006

IDEs, Editors and me...

A week back I got tired of using TextPad as a Java editor. I had used RealJ in my grad days, and didn’t want to use it again. I needed something new, fresh, with colorful syntax highlighting, and some better tools. Forte had automatic code generation tools, and a drag-n-drop interface for building GUIs, but I never wanted to use all that. I needed an editor, where I could type the code, and not click buttons and icons, to generate some crap. I removed Forte.
The list kept on appending itself with BlueJ, Eclipse IDE, Jext, and many other known-unknown editors.  I downloaded editors with beautiful splash screens, colorful syntax highlighting, good looking icons, innumerable shortcut keys, and all that.  I tried all of them. But never felt satisfied. My whole week ended up in searching editors, and I finally stopped myself at NetBeans. It’s really good, but I still use TextPad.
I had to conclude that no Java editor in this world could satisfy me.
I am now currently under the process of wasting my precious time in searching PL/SQL editors. Things have gone worse. PL/SQL Developer almost crashed my system. Most of the IDEs that I came across were not user friendly, at least for me. I wasted hours and hours finding the tab that could execute my query, and finally it ended up in hanging up my Oracle.
I now use SQLPlus Worksheet, which comes shipped with Oracle9i.
Lol! Seems that I switch editors like the way I switch friends and acquaintances. But then, like TextPad and SQLPlus Worksheet, I always return, ‘cos they are perfect, they are reliable, and the best thing about them is - they never crash me.

‘Vivek!’ Lolz….