Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The week begins with Monday. And with Monday begin the famous 'K-Series' soaps on Star Plus.

'K-Series' - a name given to a set of daily soaps on TV, the names of which all begin with the letter 'K'. Majority of these soaps have a common storyline. A joint family, complex relationships, Amnesia, extra-intra marital affairs, hamming dialogues and lots and lots of Glycerin.

I was fortunate enough to watch one of the most popular soaps of this so called 'K- Series' -
Kasutii Zindagii Kii ( notice the number of 'i' in the title!). The lead actress, 'Prerna' gets married to a lead actor 1 and when things start getting predictable, she is divorced, and again married to the lead actor 2. Some episodes later, she again gets married to lead actor 1, and predictably, some episodes later, we see her celebrating 'Karvachauth' with the lead actor 2. This has been going on and on since three years.

But dynamism is a part of entertainment industry. Things need to change, else soaps would get predictable. So, this 'Kasautii Zindagi Kii' changes itself. The title song gets modified, the title fonts are changed, and the characters come up with a new look. All those dashing gentlemen ( viz. the Pati, Devar, Sasur, etc etc..) are shown with somewhat grayish hair while the ladies don’t change a bit. Of course, they make mother in laws look a little older, but that’s ok. Yes…! It’s the story 20 years past that awful 'marriage loop'!

Now comes the episode that I watched. Scene - Lead Actor 2's son is paralysed, lying in the hospital with all those bandages on his body. Culprit is some brat 'Yudi' who wanted to kill Lead Actor 1, but accidently ended up in paralysing our Lead Actor 2's child. So, we can imagine how Lead Actor 2 fumes - "Main usse zinda nahin chhodunga……..usne mere bete ko chot pahunchayee hai…!"

Lead Actor 1 also wants to grab the opportunity to flaunt some dialogues. He growls - "Mr Bajaj, main bhi aapke saath hoon…."

The duo moves to a police station and plans a conspiracy against that brat. The same 'ghar ki talaashi' and 'cocaine ka packet' scam. So the police locks up the guy and beats him like hell. Pretty guessable.

But now, things change. Tables turn. The brat - 'Yudi' turns out to be 'Prem' (Prerna and the Lead Actor 1's child who was lost in some stupid kidnapping fiasco 20 years back)

The couple move their Prem aka Yudi to the hospital. Lots of glycerine, melodrama and hamming dialogues.

"Aaj ek pita ne khud apne KHOON ka KHOON bahaya hai….."

"Bhagwan ne aakhir hamaara Prem hamein lauta hi diya!"

How I wish to be a part of such soaps!