Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It’s a difficult topic to be discussed over. Lets try.

One of my friends gets up in the morning and goes straight to the bathroom for a shower. He comes out, and heads to the toilet to attend the call of the nature. Finally, when he is about to go the college, he brushes his teeth.

Now isnt that strange? The habit is just the opposite from the daily habits of an averge normal human being. I could never dare to ask him why he follows such a 'ritual', but was always curious.

Daring sometimes comes out of curiosity and finally, one of my classmates dared. The question was put up by him in a very blunt way and that too at the time when our hero had just finished with his shower and was entering for the second stage. Imagine the moment - a guy fully pressurized in his stomach, everything almost on the verge of coming out through the anal passage, and someone comes and puts up a question before him that is too silly to be answered, atleast for him. Poor Boy.

So, the question was heard. Our para-normal hero resumes to his work (hurries into the toilet) and leaves the daring room mate unanswered. Time freezes.

Sounds of heavy flushes are heard accompanied by opening of the door. Our para normal Hero is relieved of the burden, and comes out as if he has won the world. He is contented, happy, and satisfied. And now he is ready to clear the doubts of our daring friend.

"IS IT WRONG?? I'll shit whenever I want! Do you want me to sit there for hours when I don’t feel like it??"
- He shouts.

Time freezes again. The daring is gone. The thoughts get sublimated. And all we are left with is silence, and a numb room mate.

Even today, the routine continues.