Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I slept at 3:00 AM in the Morning. Wasnt willing to wake up for the morning class. But the idea of detention pulled me out of the bed. Sleepily, I moved to the basin, brushed and shaved with my eyes literally closed. I moved to the Bathroom then. No hot water. A nasty chill ran through my body as I turned on the Shower, and I was wide awake then, in my senses.

All dressed up with books and laptop, I moved myself into the elevator, thinking about the breakfast that I skipped. Already I was late by about five minutes for the PL/SQL lecture.

"No breakfast...Damn" - I smiled at myself.

I hurried towards the Academic Bulding, skipping one or two steps of the staircases at a time, only to find an empty lecture hall.

The lecture had been postponed in the afternoon.