Sunday, November 06, 2005

I learnt how to play 'Minesweeper' today. Hmmm….. I know that’s pretty difficult to digest, but its the fact. Me using MS Windows ever since I knew what a computer was, but never thought of looking into the grids of Minesweeper. People in my Hostels at the Engineering level, used to bug their brains over it whenever they were free. I used to look at them with awe, pondering over this 'nerd' hobby of theirs.

Today I was free. Had nothing to do. Playing Quake was quite difficult with the trackpad, so thought of looking into this favorite game of my old classmates and hostel mates. The game is superb. Liked it. Started with the Help docs. Read them, understood the game and started with the beginners level. Twas fun.

Thanks to Microsoft. ;-)