Saturday, October 29, 2005

Its late night, I'm awake. I used to sleep at 9 when I was in Schools. Things have changed now. Change is Life, and Life is a change in itself. Infact, we can always relate change to be some sort of Dynamism, which is solely responsible for coining the word 'Life' in the language dictionaries. Isnt it?

They say that Life keeps on moving, and man progresses with each and every move of his Life. Then why do we have people who often refer to their living as 'a stagnant Life'? Is it that their 'Life' isnt dynamic, or they themselves are ignorent of this wonderful dynamism? Think over it.

Sometimes silly things make you happier than anything else in the universe. A simple 3-inch smile is at times so tough to remain consistant for even a minute on your face, while there are times when you cant stop laughing shamelessly throught the day. I wake up with a frowning face in the morning, and end up the day with huge chunks of laughter, stretching upto midnight. Some days, the case is just the opposite.

Laughter. Lots of Laughter. Just because our Life is so unpredictable. We never know what lies next - Tears or Laughter. Dynamism. And this dynamism makes me smile. That 3-inch smile, which makes me forget about all those frowns that I had throught the day.

'Life' is to smile, cos someday we HAVE to frown. :)