Thursday, October 20, 2005

Blogs. I read them for the first time when I was doing my Final year of Engineering. I used to write my daily diary then. Exceptionally well written articles on every topic impressed me. And I kept on wondering how the hell could these people write so well. Everyday I used to spend my time reading blogs of people I never met, I never knew. That was infact, fun!

One fine day, I took to blogging. Could hardly publish posts for couple of times. Difficulties were many. I was a lousy writer. And the worst part was, I could hardly find any topics to write on. For me, Bloggers were genius( and yes... I still believe they are!) as they could jot things so well. I didnt have any clear thoughts on any topics as such, and so, I found myself as a Dumbo amongst all these 'Blog-Scholers'. I stopped Blogging.

One and a half years from then, its me today - Blogging again, and willing to be a part of that 'Scholarly' team on the web, where everyone is so much articulate with thoughts! So, lets begin!